Equip your grantees with the tools used by the National Science Foundation and leaders in Silicon Valley to magnify their impact and increase their financial sustainability.


Multiply Impact

Mature nonprofits consistently excel at doing what they have done before. However, their teams are seldom accustomed to rapid, large-scale innovation, leading to a stagnation in impact growth. Without a large source of new funding, this stagnant impact growth often feels inevitable. That is not the case in Silicon Valley where tech companies regularly invent radically new methods that allow staggering rates of growth. Why shouldn't nonprofits have access to the same tools? read more

We help nonprofits advance their impact by teaching the skills leveraged by the National Science Foundation and leaders in Silicon Valley. Our students:

  • Learn to generate bold new ideas and turn them into fundable pilots.
  • Collaborate with fellow nonprofit innovators to gain efficiencies and strengthen their network.
  • Present to panels of foundation executives and investors actively seeking to meet, and support, innovative nonprofits.
  • Evolve pilots into scalable, high-impact programs.
  • Increase financial sustainability by creating new sources of unrestricted, mission-aligned funding.

“The Beveridge Family Foundation is proud to support Innovation Accelerator as we work together to assist area nonprofits in finding alternative funding sources for more sustainable and scalable approaches to providing their valuable services to our community”


Increase Sustainability

Foundation leaders have the impossible job of distributing finite funds to address nearly infinite needs. Typical grantees increase impact each year by a small amount, but usually those increases come with comparable increase in costs. There just isn't enough money to go around. Meanwhile, many nonprofits have developed skills that have value not only in the charitable sector, but to the commercial sector as well. Unfortunately they don't know how to turn those skills into revenue. read more

We teach nonprofits how to identify which of their assets has commercial potential and guide them to turn that idea into a viable social enterprise creating mission-aligned, unrestricted revenue back to the parent nonprofit.

“All of us nonprofits are struggling to find different ways to accomplish our mission in changing environments with tightening budgets – just like entrepreneurs! There is a lot we can learn from each other. We have found Paul to be an enthusiastic teacher, coach, and partner.”