Our classes are designed to engage your team members and inspire your organization.
All offerings are currently no-contact and 100% online.

For Foundations


Dedicated Venture Studio

For Foundations seeking to increase the impact and sustainability of large numbers of grantees. What would happen if batches of your most impressive grantees worked together to master the innovation methods of Silicon Valley? They might....
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  • Learn how to magnify their impact not by percentage points, but by multiples.
  • Increase their budgets and financial sustainability by creating new sources of unrestricted, earned revenue.
  • Inspire their peers to follow suit.

We partner with foundations to make this possible for their grantee community. Foundations provide the financial resources and identify the ideal candidates for training. We take care of everything else.

“The Beveridge Family Foundation is proud to support Innovation Accelerator as we work together to assist area nonprofits in finding alternative funding sources for more sustainable and scalable approaches to providing their valuable services to our community”

Ward S. Caswell President of the Beveridge Family Foundation

For Individual Nonprofits



For those looking to create entirely new programs to generate earned revenue.
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Full Program ($12,000 per nonprofit)

  • Cohort based (up to four teams).
  • Generate new mission-aligned ideas to earn revenue by leveraging an organization's assets.
  • Gather concrete evidence that there are real customers who will pay for one or more of these ideas.
  • Work alongside veteran executive mentors to build a business model.
  • Create a pilot to test their ideas with actual potential customers.
  • Present everything they’ve learned to a panel of the most innovation-minded funders in the region.

COVID Response

For those who need to rapidly adapt existing programs to thrive in the COVID economy. read more

Phase 1 ($6,000 per nonprofit)

  • Private and cohort options available.
  • Assess the business and determine areas ripe for rapid change and maximum impact.
  • Uncover, explore, evaluate and prioritize solutions to understand impact, feasibility and resources required before investing time or money.

Phase 2 ($6,000 per nonprofit)

  • Ignite and guide teams to rapidly deploy and iterate solutions to maximize their odds of success.
  • We surround teams with a network of veteran nonprofit & business executives who open doors and bring deep domain expertise to accelerate the pace of change.

"The COVID lockdown threatened the existence of HSF, and at exactly the time our members needed us most. IA's training and support literally saved us. It gave us the skills and courage we needed to know we could adapt."

Rebecca (Becca) Coolong Executive Director

Speaking Engagements

Our team often serves as guest speakers, usually with highly-interactive (and fun!) sessions to maximize participant engagement. read more

  1. Crystal Ball of Danger - Discover program/organization-ending problems while you still have time to act and craft preventative measures.
  2. IdeaJam - It is hard to see the forest through the trees when you live your life six inches from the tree! Organizations come in with a problem they need solved. We guide them through a process to: identify their organization’s hidden super powers, rapidly ideate potential solutions, and then systematically score those ideas. Teams leave with a rank-ordered list of viable potential solutions.
  3. Introduction to Innovation - Organizations that innovate will create the largest impact in the world, attract the best people who will love their jobs, and secure the most funding. In this workshop you'll be introduced to the state-of-the-art systems for innovation used by Silicon Valley, the National Science Foundation, National Institutes for Health, the effective altruism movement, and many others.


There are a limited number of grants available to cover 50% of the tuition and they are issued on a first-come-first-served basis. Grant criteria: Nonprofits must have proof of 501(c)(3) status, been in operation for at least 3 years, and the bandwidth to participate fully in the course.